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Women Pregnancy

Women Pregnancy We do not know deserve loving this woman congratulate or pity, for good reason is that the disputed nature constantly main factors: on one hand love I spent the first secret of its existence, on the other hand can not lose sight for one moment about the world around them or themselves especially. In its power - more than any other woman - to dispense with men laid off in full. That does not mean they are satisfied with drought and scarcity of emotion feelings. On the contrary, love, dream and imagine down the most beautiful poetic attitudes even if they succeed in this embodiment by a certain man.Independent unilateral nature allows it to rely on themselves in various business and daily duties. Feel in your gut that it is not the strongest element hesitate to speak honestly to the fact that the man felt, especially if it seemed kind of slow AC. But if the initiative came from him can not be excluded that launches her legs for the wind does not hate him, but fear of it at the same bored or bondage Ihdeddanha may in the future. Have an energy potential and resistance wonderful. She could face a whole army for the sake of a goal or a person you believe and want to get it. Allow itself to all styles and methods. If you fail time and time again followed Mthalip struggle with patience and perseverance, believing wisdom argument: "though serious, will soon." Could this human being completed femininity that dialogue and Tatb and caressed and crying bitterly, if necessary, can also do all the work of the men if necessary. Of the best qualities of optimism and honesty and sincerity and hostility and faith in tomorrow.Satisfied than men moderating emotion. Do not wish for snow and cold in love lost dignity. Give him respect if deserved dot to allow her to melt into the melting pot. Ask a lot from him and give him fold gain. Generous with its money and time, mean-spirited to the point of stinginess when it comes to who you love. Refuses to overdo it, or even shared by a glance. Her love under her consent. If dignity touched has turned to frost and fire so hurry to indifference. Besides O favors men over women, and is happy to wrap around the fan. Faith in freedom does not mean they accept that the excessive one who you love, it is a sincere, honest and impulsive in love with her not paying her husband to the suspicion or jealousy. Aries women tend to work, and can arise in various fields and fields. When you believe in work and she normally has become difficult for them to leave even for the sake of love. Her aggression: leisure and unemployment. Although it has an excellent housewife know how all the household chores but this work is a duty and no more, and believes that its aim in life than to what is best and more useful. Her condition is excellent. Rarely complain of illness or fatigue.If anything happens to her expect from others - especially her husband - the care and attention. Ideal mother, her children and dealing with sponsors Bnzafthm and comfort, and share them play, go out and talk, but they impose laws and regulations do not exaggerate in childhood nickname, and so do not grow true impact of growth in which corruption or fluidity. Aries woman emotional, fast losing control over itself and restore calm quickly similar. Do not leave the storm in the same trace of bitterness or resentment or self-pity. Never smile bright and optimistic, although continuous perishable because of its sincerity and goodness, and to the side that enjoys a great deal of excitement. If luck helped her and received the appropriate man turned into a sheep is a good, peaceful and her husband the happiest of men. Director of pregnancy: The Aries man at the center of the presidential employer is serious and can not endure the heart of laziness and does not forgive negligence. If he wants his staff gain satisfaction that they have been diligent, impulsivity, and consider their own enterprise Viattoha of their effort and dedication as far as giving it. Compared to that paid generous wages, and elevating the worth the upgrade, and condones the delay, and absent when there are excuses.To the extent that is generous and understanding others are expected rush, loyalty and honesty. If something goes wrong observations show cruel and does not hesitate to impose some additional work if called upon the public interest to do so. Idzl tender in festivals and events and waiting for it thanks and appreciation. But the happy talk and praise rarely affect the surplus, especially if he feels that his interlocutor wanting behind this benefit is.Although a strong personal will, but the heart that he was going to need affection and admiration by others, and thus Isiih not understand his actions and Iuaqoh on the principles and methods. Moreover, bold, loves adventure and pursues further the goals and the most ideal. If you lost money or missed opportunity retains his faith and optimism. As out of character, innovation and initiative, it is estimated each of these two has Al_husntin do not hesitate to adopt the proposals issued by others. Rarely get sick, or disease. If illness or increased temperature forget it and went to work as usual. Interestingly, that immersion in the works often comforts and heals. In other words, that physical activity emanating from the psychological condition and morale, which do not Etjarian. Despite these good qualities a person needs Aries to support others and support them, and when investigating him as part of happiness and stability for himself and his staff. Employee pregnancy: Born in Aries tends to change and switch, did not rule out that the move from one job to job, and one institution to another. But if we exclude this phenomenon, which does not intercede for them a lot when employers were considered to be the best staff and most responsive to their superiors with the condition that they improve their treatment and exploitation of their talents. Show the employee - pregnancy in the beginning of his enthusiasm and with great enthusiasm, but soon that is bound to boredom and indifference begins to fabricate lies and excuses to avoid work environments and responsibilities.In this case the employer - if he wants to avoid the problem from the outset - that the employee is attached to independent status allows him the freedom of thought and initiative. Is detrimental to the employee last pregnancy and causing incapacity to do his duty is to impose upon a particular system and a specific time. In fact, this kind of men can achieve in two hours is to be achieved in the other four or five hours. Must be excused if he appears to be some rebellion or anarchy. It is not unlikely for it - which accompanied him - to continue to work after school, and to insist on doing additional work is not within his purview. If you can say that the employee did not create the pregnancy of the monotony and routine work, and that the arena of creativity and innovation. Money is not the main goal and that was the only way that guarantees the appropriate level that is desired. Ambition to achieve greater success, and the first motivation to encourage others and appreciation of its advantages. Of the qualities that raise the ire of some of his meddling with means and not impose his views on everyone without exception. The most important fields in which he excels is the public relations and business processes that require movement.Difficult for him to receive orders from only a few people believe that they Evoukouna intelligence and skill. This should preferably be always on top. If you do not do so on only what is the condition that make him feel less than others - especially the boss - it is an important and necessary for the success of the organization. In this case, rushes to work sincerely and dedication found, Like the sea which refuses to leave the ship overlooking the drowning.This does not need to reprimand for misconduct if it is the first to see his faults and tries to apologize to them and compensation for the best. If it is properly done and expect praise Stung not get it. Feel a bit of jealousy towards his colleagues, and therefore dismayed to be valued and admired in his presence. He does not hesitate to leave his job to someone else once or feel the air is no longer appropriate and that its continuation is a difficult and arduous. Whatever the evils of this man keep his good deeds and talents times higher. So the duty of every employer to look like him at all costs for the order, and giving them Ijzl because what they spend almost no mention as to what they provide work and services.Celebrity
Marlon Brando, Bette Davis, Thomas Jefferson, Houdini, Elton John, Aretha Franklin, Gloria Steinem, William Rich, Charlie Chaplin, James Clark

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