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Taurus General characteristics of the Taurus

Taurus General characteristics of the Taurus The easiest way to identify the one born in the Taurus to listen to his speech. If it seemed limited to a brief two words yes and no, it was accompanied at the same time a lull in the features and significant in the overall appearance to emphasize that we can really belongs to that great tower. It is a symbol withstand all sense of the word. Stand in the face of shocks and obstacles like a mountain proud, upright folded arms applied lips do not move a muscle nor budge under a hair from its chosen path for himself. Rarely respond to attacks in kind. Maximum denounced it would be left to. Many patient eventuality, pretending frosty full and a long time and then explode for trivial reasons, the situation in a glass case full of straw. Good then the cause of the storm that disappears from his path, because Taurus born between now and then irritate the other terrible excitement it rushes like a madman, carrying ruin and destruction to all who opposed him. Strongly attracted to this man about members of the opposite sex, but the method preferred by nature passive rather than the pursuit of its objectives in a positive way. This phenomenon makes it inheres in his house most of the time of his life except to the social role of the host or the owner does not call for the visitor. Of habits that refuse to practice - do not good to use them even if he wanted - to show anxiety, nervousness, nail-biting and the like. If confronted by the problem of taking the idea of provoking to find an appropriate solution without showing what it refers to the conflict of ideas or feelings. Although the brain works quickly in a crisis but would prefer prudence to take final positions. All indications are that this man was created in family life and stability. Of the main objectives of home ownership to ensure comfort and luxury. Does not tolerate change, and stick to the customs and traditions, and accompanies the earth, nature and the outdoors. If forced by circumstances to live downtown to do the impossible to surround himself with plants and flowers and all that suggests the lives of the countryside. Even if it seems is not what we stated was the reason the effects of certain astronomical transformed the way and earned additional aspects of his personality. Enjoy the well-being born in the Taurus withstand severe disease, but if they boarded had recovered slowly, and after them the reason for that optimism, vitality, and their refusal to comply with the orders of doctors. They remain much healthier than others, provided that Icoa obesity and germs and epidemics. Taurus stubbornness known though his friends refuse to call stubbornness. It is the patience and belief in the possibility of wisdom and logic. For this reason they are difficult to accept criticism or blame. If asked to justify their position failed to give good reasons. They are so, peace! Hard to imagine this kind of men and Doda loving to his family. But so and more. They deserve the highest decorations in recognition of their courage and their potential difficulties in the way of love. They are loyal to their friends as well, rushing in the process by all means and methods do not refuse any request for them except give up their stubbornness. Sense of humor they have a source of confusion of others. If you have a clever joke in front of them indicate the depth and agility responded by silence. If they have a ski and fell down Gahgahoa happy as children. Mrham realistic some coarse thing, but free from every trace of schadenfreude and baseness. In economic terms seems everyone Taurus and money Ktoomin Siamese impossible to separate them. This does not mean that all are born in the tower of property owners and the vast fortunes. But there are so few, including indigent poor. This builds the overall human economic life cautiously and slow relying above all on the basis of robust and accurate calculations. And when he could raise the necessary money and property gave himself a long vacation, leaving to pursue other concerns and running. The money in the belief parallel to the power and wealth, and deserves to be preserved, but not the avarice of the habit. All that is born this raises a huge tower, for example, the higher rise buildings has increased his admiration for them and if it enters the zoo to stop elephants being stretched in front of indifferent intelligence monkeys with clear and continuous movement. Interestingly, he does not fear the small sizes of these large animals is called legs of the wind in front of the mouse after a nasty pause indifference to the raging tiger, for example. Most born in Taurus have beautiful voices make some professional singers, and that most of them taste the music, painting and sculpture and is unlikely to be amateurs, including many in various technical fields. And a word: It is great. . . Great in everything, in his mind and his heart and his feelings. There is another word to express it a full stubbornness. Taurus Child: The calm and stubborn, known for the Taurus come with birth. Taurus earns the child since the early hours of admiration around him because of the tranquility that accompanies it. Then something happens that makes it explode in screaming and crying closer to the sound of the cannon or the roar of the waterfall. Of the reasons that give rise to anger from the start forcing him to eat or dress or otherwise. If his mother tried to open his mouth or tip of the spoon attracted the intervention arm of his jacket in the amount of response it rejected Chadha small body trimming his muscles with all his strength. If Ahtguen insisted his face became scarlet and his throat made by the powerful voices of a huge shake the walls of her home. Otherwise, he was fun for the family. It is love and compassion as a whole. Loves hugging and kissing, do not hesitate to show his passion for his family and friends alike. Taurus child is particularly good at expressing her love, both by looks or smiles or foreplay. This method of guaranteeing them the favorite all aspire, and makes them her father, pampered child does not return her request. Taurus children are healthy physically and psychologically. Tabahm of stability and calm passion and away from the hypocrisy and representation and the Chagrin and decadence. They are usually calm. Sometimes stubborn, passive, early maturity and attitudes of social calm and polite. It is difficult to disturb what they called the thing. Refuse to intervene in what does not concern them and insist that left to their own devices. If Joppeoa pressure and coercion responded violently and cruelty, and if treated gently, they turned from their stubbornness and subjected to orders. Strong to violence and vulnerable to love and gentleness. Taurus driven by a child to logic at an early age. If not satisfied with the order was rejected firmly and resolutely. If he wants his family in its evaluation and guidance without the slightest difficulty they have to follow with positive methods and justify their methods of educational logically acceptable, and they must have the truth and only abused him severely ill show results later. The colors and sounds active role in forming the personality of this child since infancy. If defeated red or orange or a room's furniture branches showed concern and frustration without realizing why his family. If I take a blue or green or other colors are not harmonious dissonance situation calmed down and calmed himself. And also sounds a similar effect in it, he runs away from annoying sounds, noise and relax to soft music, singing, fresh and all the sounds which are based on compatibility. Moreover, the Taurus child is happy at school teachers and satisfaction. It is a systematic and diligent, beats the other in the ability to focus. Although the absorbed rather slow but that makes him regain his memory strong detail after the period is short. His perseverance and his disinclination to neglect make it pass the exams without much difficulty. Finds himself at the head of activities and games, thanks to the wisdom of his edition and calm and his ability to play a role to judge the best. Toys of choice in small cars, "and tractors" and everything to do with the land and planting and similar things that would make it appear dirty, neglected somewhat. In that era also shows his love for food is apparent, for example he does not hesitate in eating dishes prepared for the other. But otherwise good-hearted hand cream does not forget his duties on special occasions and holidays presents for family members, especially his mother precious gifts that express gratitude and love. Child Taurus short kind, loving and calm nature if treated kindly. Need to love others and love large, the physical and psychological comfort to the beautiful things in life such as music, singing and colors that take into account the harmony and compatibility. Taurus men: Do not be mistaken if we concluded that we have mentioned in the general qualities of his childhood and that a man staid Taurus keen little movement is slow thinking. But all of the error to believe that cold feeling emotionless as some might imagine. Is not true, but the reality: this man is driven by strong huge planet of peace, love, known as Venus or Venus. It is rare that falls in love at first sight, or to indulge it up to his reputation as fast as the other. But when settled his mind and confirmed his sense of reality rushed towards the source of inspiration and love of what he has full power and stunt and means. It is in this regard does not know the fatigue and boredom. For example, who continues to send flowers to the beloved day. Draw on and stopped her middleman hair or singing or playing or drawing, or any other queen enjoy it. Since voluptuous Copyright Compliments physical charms Kanaomp skin or the beauty of her hair or her perfume Shatha. May not be his style of poetic expression and a high degree to which some fluent, but certainly knows how to soften her heart in the end, thanks to repetition and persistence. And dominated by the contrast agent in all his actions and movements. For example, may guide the day his sweetheart expensive fur coat, and go through the days after the day without giving her anything, and then suddenly buys her a bouquet of violets modest old saleswoman Enqdha times the price for no other reason than it is to remember his mother. Added to this is that the means of expression has a multi-variegated. Sometimes resort to the finest hotels and restaurants, and other sufficient picnic in the woods or race in the light of the moon. Often depends on the music and songs to explain his feelings, does not exclude to choose a song or a melody certain symbolized to him the status of beloved. Besides, we find little realistic dreams do not use language like delusions of lovers. Instead of "picking his sweetheart to the moon and the stars and borne on a magic carpet to an island far does not include other", instead of car talk and dreams will come to her house, carrying his hand map of real stone and cement. If the promise and in the oldest, if achieved on the draft of his own religion or not mortgage or otherwise. It is also planned witty, fun to present tomorrow, which brings Calcndjab active in the summer food of winter. We can not say that the lives of women with this ongoing human happiness, especially if the back of which is not approved. Of the things that is hated by the shouting and violence and the challenge. However, it is estimated intelligence but would prefer a logical and Alrjahp. Good for a girl born Taurus to act in an appropriate manner in public places and only faced one of two possibilities: either to react violently amounts to slapping and punching or pretend to neglect and contempt, and in both positions are confused wife and Ikgelha without a doubt, it is better for her to maintain dignity in the Home .
On the other hand Taurus man loves the countryside and nature, flowers, and long excursions, football, fishing and camping in the outdoors, loves reading and also prefer the heroes and successful stories on the police complex or deep philosophical themes. While frequenting the restaurants and hotels, but he prefers food home and hopes that good at cooking, even if his wife had to learn from a book or a friend. That does not mean that he does not want non-cook, as evidenced by repeated calls and his bestowal of clothes and jewelry and all that it would be shown by the proper manner. The man of Taurus the role of the father the best. He is proud of his children who carry the name of the family, and compassion for his daughters and the auctioneer. A patient does not mind long Isiih for example, that children learn slowly as long as they are continuing to progress. It is the qualities that seeks to develop them moderation and ambition, and the preservation of money and property. On top of that, a generous not gave them something, but he does not hesitate to discipline them when the need arises. As the man many Taurus hard work, it needs to rest every now and then, if not find them, became worried nervous. Isiih very accuse other - and especially his wife - lazy. He is slow, but not lazy. Business acumen and the wife is aware of the difference between the two phenomena. On the other hand if you really wanted to make him happy and picky that it belonged to the comfortable seat provides comfort and relaxation, and surrounded by an atmosphere punctuated by static light music, and cover his body in times of cold cover Sophie fine print because of this human love things with texture and smoothness. If all these conditions are secured for a Taurus has become one of the finest couples, if not the best. Enough that in cases of thanks and gratitude to turn a blind eye for too many errors criticized by other men in traditionally female. Taurus women: If there was a word reflecting the nature of the Taurus woman is efficient because its bizarre look like affect the stars. Then the probability of patience and what is astonishing, and calm and coolness that is lacking many of the men. If forced to shoulder the responsibilities of their obligation to the fullest. However, rarely wish to monopolize the responsibilities and opinion monopoly because then much of femininity. This makes them yearn for a strong man runs by the helm and let it devote itself to normal function. Straight honest rarely lose control over itself, and that was hiding under a calm breath sensuality need to control and guidance. Advantages of easy adjustment of people with the condition that they are simple and honest with themselves and away from the prosecution. If lined up some of you shared joy and sorrow, even if the others have shown indifference towards him and away from the way in silence. Any other words not in the same place for hatred, hatred or envy. Jealousy does not arise easily, they are different in this regard for many of the daughters of her gender. May be that of turning a blind eye if her lover strap or other women praised their beauty or innocence before them, but woe betide him if he exceeded the border, the masks fall down at that moment and turns fresh angel on a whirlwind speaking. Taurus woman, smart wit, you can participate in conversations and serious scientific and political discussions, but rarely aspire to go to this field. The main objectives of simpler and closer to the logic of reality. No certificates of high interest to them as far as knowledge and interest erudition. For this reason, we find standing on the basic principles for each subject and the subject, leaving it to others is the complexity and intellectual interpretations. It is an example of women's practical carrying her head between her shoulders and stand on solid ground if it is permissible for us to express. That is, they do not give up the dreams and fantasies. Vhawwasha is working, and through the senses to accept things and convinced them. If it is natural to hate the lack of artificial flowers to the beautiful smell and vitality. This corresponds to it can not live without flowers and plants are real. Home in all seasons green garden with a laugh. Preferred the smell of perfume and soap and cleaning the grass wherever found, whether in the hair or skin, or "washing". Although the odor of the opposite effect where only the smell of fish she likes the beach and the stable animals and all that reminds her nature and the earth. Taurus woman twice on some colors known and familiar. They lose their resistance to the color blue and its derivatives, and the color pink in all its branches. Most attracted to the colors of harmony and compatibility. Does not forgive the man his ignorance in this regard. Taste in food reflects the sense of a high sensitivity. Does not recognize the principle of canned food and dishes easy setup. If invited to table their best items and provided the most innovative. Skill and taste prove true the proverb: "man's stomach the shortest route to his heart." Artist, loves music, painting, singing, and visiting galleries and museums regularly. Attracted to beautiful natural places, especially those that show the greatness of the Creator or Kfall great towering mountain or lake areas. Are able to learn the language of the fingers and through the beauty of things. Prefer polished fabrics and soft wool on the other. Their role as mothers and that was a great proficient treatment of children at a young age are more of them at the age of adolescence. The reason for this - most likely - its adherence to the system and its tendency to impose obedience and their inability to distinguish between the stage of life to another. It is not unlikely that children faced with rejection and challenge in some cases. One of the things that can not be waived, the order and cleanliness at all times and circumstances. Then she did not know or fluidity of the complaint. If troubled economic situation of the family took to the field work silently and open-mindedness. In addition to a strong solid structure will tireless in spite of the slow movement and thinking. Patience with the psychological and physical pain is incredible, and all its words and a spirit of excellent process. Find a man born in the Taurus partner real life. It is the kind of patient to give up under adversity nor hair of optimism and ambition. It is also a type that does not work Idhanih ensure the day or night. Reliable and depends on the exact time or a calculator that does not make a mistake. Kqlbha spacious home, a place for relatives and friends and neighbors. It is efficient as we mentioned at the outset. Bull Director: Must be some people that work in the service of man of Taurus. And these people - if they wanted to assure themselves of continued success - to bear in mind the following advice: "Do not seize the bull's patience to the end." Why is this advice? Taurus born because patient already beyond the limits of patience. As noted earlier, a good heart and conscience, which leads some people to judge him - wrongly - of weakness and submission and hence to exploit it without fear or shame. But in fact people far from the spirit of defeat and the negative. If the error is silent and closed his eyes for a default Murad was the other goals in itself. He knows that every beginner gallery to commit more errors than once. So we see silent and pretending not to know things. But at the same time expected that the fault itself and eventually returning to the right path. He does not hesitate to give him a chance after chance and after the appropriate occasion. If successful attempt goes between superior and subordinate to the best of fine, if you do not succeed, the unhappy employee found himself in the street. Therefore, in this case not to blame but himself. If a patient with Taurus on the error and slowness, forgetfulness and lapses many other believe that it does not significantly affect the conduct of business and the success of the organization that runs. The things that bear the stamp of the threat of disruption or even reject it completely unacceptable irreversible, even if the rest are safe. Stubbornness in this regard is not described. To set an example for this: a man who refuses to Taurus sometimes modern methods of work that rely on the machine, preferably by conventional methods in spite of ridicule from some, including his secretary. But rest assured the latter. It is possible that collapse numerous companies bear the character of modern and keep his organization moving forward. It is not the only explanation for the keenness of this wise man and his ability to persevere and great ambition to achieve success and wealth, although its appearance does not suggest something like this. It's like Balslhvap heavy pace, which has defied a rabbit and won the bet thanks to the perseverance and determination. Of some of the things that are rejected by the Taurus man himself and others lengthening or winding about a topic or issue. It is essential on the one hand we must not lose sight of the secretary or an employee who works for him. Another thing is repulsive nature of a polemic and screaming which is useless. It is natural that the method preferred by the wisdom and logic and calm. This does not mean that a cold non fiction, there are many things affected by it and happy. Of elegance, fragrance and beautiful, bright colors and pink Kalozark, good food, too. Advice to the Secretary of the Man: Where have him silently. Tattri Wear the blue dress now and then. Atli your nails pink transparent not hesitate to call to your table a progressive condition that has traditional dishes with food and remember his mother. Similar advice to staff who work for him: do not do good Hendamkm Tstamiloa stark colors. Put a blue tie from time to time and neglect of decency. Officer Bull: Are indispensable to human Taurus them in his career: a feeling of security and ensure livelihoods. So rarely inclined by nature to the role of the client or the broker who obtains a favorite part of the profit secured by the Centre, which gives him a salary known - albeit small - in addition to the traditional premium period and the other. Do not feed the employee of the unknown, does not believe in, and thus fails in the promotion of goods and fake or non-significant. If the circumstances that she wished to become a salesman he had first to convince himself the virtues of the goods and then convince others of it. More of what works in the sale of land and real estate. His views in this regard, a matter of confidence and his ways away from the slag and torsion the best guarantee for those who want to employ huge amounts of money.
Republican prepares fresh voice sometimes the role of the announcer on the radio or TV, especially if found in the effects of his life issued by the Gemini. 

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